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Create a Quest

​​​Creating a quest is easy and fun. It is a great activity for schools, grandparents and their grandchildren, families, history and nature buffs, etc. Really, anyone who wants to share a particular place they love can create a quest. We are happy to guide you through the process and you can contact us by calling the Kentucky Environmental Education Council at (800) 882-5271.​

How do I create my own quest?

Staff at UK's cooperative extension service created this PowerPoint to help you get started building your own quest. You can watch the PowerPoint presentation and look at some of the other Quests on this website for inspiration.

Create Your Own Quest (.ppt)

If you don't have the PowerPoint program on your computer, go here to download a free PowerPoint viewer.

What should I do when I complete a quest?

When your quest is ready and has been tested (see the PowerPoint for how to test), fill out the form below and send it electronically to or "snail" mail it to:

Kentucky Environmental Education Council
Questing Program
2107 Capitol Plaza Tower
Frankfort, KY 40601

The form is available as a .pdf and .doc:

We will put it into the Quest brochure format and add it to the page for your county. Be sure and send photos if you have them. Digital is best but we can also scan hard copies.